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The Summers' House [entries|friends|calendar]
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Nightlife [11 Apr 2004|10:05pm]

Caitlin gave the crowd one last seductive smile as it came to the end of her set. She was sweaty and awfully naked but she still managed to pull off confidence, she made her way off the stage and into the back. Letting out a long breath before she wished Natasha who was up next the best of luck, hurrying to the changing rooms, she grabbed herself a quick shower. Tipping her head to the warm spray of the shower, using her coconut body gel to wash off the glitter and sequins not to mention all the sweat.

She ducked back out of the shower and started to dry her hair as she tugged on her clothes from before, she had just finished pulling on her top when Frank stuck his head around the door," Caitlin, darling..."

Oh boy she knew what that tone meant, turning her head, she smirked lightly," Yes Frank?"

" Would you mind helping out behind the bar, I'll give you double your usual pay if you do!" He at this moment, grinned at her and gave her his best puppy dog look.

Rolling her eyes, she chuckled," Sure whatever, Frank." With that he gave her thumbs up and disappeared back out into his club. She shook her head and shoved her still slightly wet and curling hair up into a ponytail as she turned and hurried out into the club. She slid behind the bar, flashing the other bartenders a smle before she put on a dark waist apron before she asked,

" Anyone needing a drink?"
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[04 Apr 2004|07:26pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I walked back into the house shortly after making a late night run to one of the few places that offered all of my habits of choice. A pack of smokes, fifth of vodka and a few joints of the wacky weed later, I was back cuddling in the arms of my favorite choice habit. Mel.

She'd slept through my trip, which was good, as all I had to do was put away my purchases for later... That, and with our new puppy rumbling in the corner... Pit's are hell, should've thought about that when I was making a spur of the moment purchase.

As for all of that, Mel's sister Ariel is hell. Maybe it's because I'm an incubus, maybe it's not. I didn't even fucking know until she told me. Only knew that sex was one of my favorite things regardless...

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[19 Mar 2004|03:58pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Caitlin stood outside of Fin's apartment waiting for him to catch up, she was a little apprehensive of taking him to where she worked. Being an exotic dancer after all wasn't exactly common place and she didn't imagine many other slayers did it as a living, in a way she was ashamed of what she did but it paid the bills and put her through College.

That's how she looked at it, tried not to think about the fact she removed her clothing and danced rather seductively for the strangers in the crowd.

Shrugging, she simply blew at a strand of hair as it rested across her eyes.

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[11 Mar 2004|12:29pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Fin walked slowly as he led Caitlin to his apartment. He unlocked the door and held it open for her to enter first. Inside it was barely furnished: armchair, coffee pot, and incongruous decorations including blades on the walls.

He stepped in after her, closed and locked the door, then walked into the kitchen. "Would you like some tea?" he asked.

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[09 Mar 2004|08:22pm]

[ mood | productive ]

The only good thing about Kara dumping me for a GUY is that I met another girl, Leila. Cute little face and very cute figure.
After a couple drinks we walked out to the dance floor and danced as dirty and seductively towards each other as possible before heading back to my place for a bit more ‘private’ fun then after she was done with a cigarette we curled up on my bed and fell asleep together. She’s defiantly one I’m gonna try and keep around, gave her my number in hopes.

I walked her to the door a while after we woke up and after we finally broke from each others lips I watched her drive off.
As I walked walking from the kitchen I heard Jeremy (butler) open the door and just stand there not letting the person in.
“Who is it Jeremy?” I called and walked over to see a freak standing there “How’d you get pat the guard?” I asked crossing my arms then saw Mel walk in allowing him into our home.
“He’s with me” she replied to me and Jeremy then walked in farther.
I noticed that she was wearing his clothes “Oh Mel, I know you have this ‘thing’ for guys but…come on…even you can do better then a guy that wear make up”
Glanced him up and down.

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jumped! [01 Mar 2004|11:34pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Fin sauntered slowly down the dark and uninhabited street in the cool and breezy night. He kind of wished he still had his coat, just because he felt good in it, and it was his coat. He wondered if he would ever see Caitlin again, and he wondered if she would make him ask for it back.

He lowered his head and watched the sidewalk as he thought about the night before. He caught a motion out of the corner of his eye just in time to duck a malicious tackle by a random figure. Caught off balance and unsuspecting, Fin spun around to spy an obvious vampire. Fin did not bother asking questions. The vampires never gave answers anymore.

Out of habit, Fin reached to his waist, but he groaned as he realized that he had left his basic vampire-fighting accoutrements in his apartment. He would simply have to improvise. He stepped, feinted, and threw a punch, which the vampire gracefully ducked. The fiend returned attack and decked Fin hard across the face. He then followed with one--two--three uppercuts to the gut, and a surprisingly powerful roundhouse kick that sent Fin flying backwards into an pine tree. Fin slid down into a seated position to recover and braced himself on a sharp limb, thanking his positive karma--limited as it might be--that it had not punctured his body.

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Left [23 Feb 2004|10:05pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Caitlin had left the club shortly after her collapse, she had no memory of what had happened or how she had gotten home. All she could remember was two guys, one called Damian and the other called Devlin. She could remember them, and she remembered a presence in the darkness but that was it, what happened? Her mind was reeling looking for answers, but it would seem they were not forthcoming. Bending down over the sink, she gasped lightly as she washed cold water over her face and through her hair, arching her neck. Her lips parted for a moment as she lost herself in the sensation, the feeling of being cleansed before her eyes snapped open as her hand fell on a piece of paper.

Pulling it from her jacket pocket, she eyed the number and lifted an eyebrow. A name came to mind and that name was Devlin, lifting her gaze. She swallowed gently as her eyes rested on her reflection, a hand stroked through her midnight black hair before she slid her jacket off and rummaged through her closet. Slipping the clothes from the night before off, she wandered her small apartment in her black lace underwear for the moment as she tried to gather her thoughts, the muscles in her stomach rippled gently as she shrugged her shoulders and worked on getting her muscles loosened up. She glanced at the number again and decided fuck it, pulling on a tight vest and a pair of baggy hip hugging blue jeans before she slid on her boots. Loosely tying her hair back into a plait, maybe they might have noticed something to explain to herself what had happened back there.

The presence in the dark still intrigued her, someone had been there, someone had been watching her..but she hadn't seen the person, but she wasn't going insane..that much she knew! Marching out of her apartment, she found the house where those two had were staying and walked up to the front door. Raising her hand, she knocked before she slid her hands into her pockets and just waited.

((OOC : I got bored..someone play pls? mwah! ))

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[18 Feb 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Okay I think that my mind is damaged for life and maybe even longer.
Walking in on Ariel and some guy would be on thing you know? But seeing her and Kara going at it?? Eww!
Once Kara left I walked over to Ariel with my arms crossed “How long??”
“How long what?” she plopped down onto the sofa calmly.
“have you been…you know!”
“a ..lesbian?”
“ew. Yes that”
“first, very not ew. Second….well in the seventh grade Ashley and I made out in the locker room so about then” she nodded and I cringed
“that long?! And you never told me??”
“Hey, not my fault you never noticed, what’s the big deal?”
“its wrong for one thing, god Ariel, why cant you be normal and date guys??”
“Pfft! Men!? They are pigs. Besides, who would want to touch all that? Men’s parts are so unattractive, but a woman’s body is li-” I cut her off
“eh eh! No stop! Okay fine, whatever”
“hey, I’m just saying that you can get off just as easy with a toy then with a guy, so why bother with them? She grinned to me.
“Okay! I’m leaving now” with that I grabbed my coat and left, walked aimlessly down the street and found myself in a thrift shop, Ariel would so kill me if she saw my in there but I continued in anyways.

Met a guy and we messed around talking hypothetically and flirting through that, he was so cute and very flirtatious.
I followed him to his place and to his room, no need to go into detail cept for the fact that it was fricken great.
The next morning I woke up somewhat early and he was still asleep so I stole his long button down shirt that covered me just enough and exited his room quietly.
Walked into the kitchen grabbing myself a coke then looked up to see….

((open for one of the people that live in the house))

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Dizzy [12 Feb 2004|10:23pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Caitlin's pale colouring spread from her face down her arms, before her entire body looked almost ghostlike. Swallowing deeply, she wondered why suddenly she felt so very strange and almost feverish, her body was engulfed in a pale orange glow and it lit up the dim club. Luckily enough for her, not many people were paying attention and so it went mostly un noticed. She still felt eyes on her, the dark figure in the shadows remained but she was more worried as to her own condition, why she felt suddenly so dizzy.

Pushing herself away from the bar, she gasped lightly as the world spun. Her eyes flickering from brown to orange in sporadic bouts before finally, she simply let out a sigh as her legs gave from under her and she hit the ground. Her head bounced off the floor slightly, the orange glow flooding over her body again before as her eyes closed, so did the glow.

Her lips moved, muttering something in a strange language.

((OOC : And there she goes, and from here...onwards...it just gets worse! XD))

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[07 Feb 2004|04:44pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Kara stayed over last night and let me say that she knows how to keep a girl from getting bored. We pretty much stayed in my room all night, told mom we were ‘studying’, locked the door and entertained each other.
This morning after getting breakfast we walked back up to my room, she whispered into my ear which made me grin and I led her there faster then she pinned me to the wall and kissed me deeply as her hand roamed under my skirt.
“Ariel, where’s the Kitty?” Mel said as she walked in then paused “What are you doing!?”
“She uh…was helping my fix my skirt, there was a thread loose”
“Oh, Okay then” she said bubbly then walked out the door closing it behind her.
Kara looked at me in disbelief “Ariel, your sister is such an airhead”
“yeah, tell me about it” we grinned then returned to what we were doing but on the bed this time.
“Oh yeah! I forgot, where’s the ca-” she stopped when she saw us and gasped
“EW! Ariel! Ew ew! Get off of her! Oh my god” she walked off quickly
“Shit, baby you better go, this cant be good” I kissed her
“told you that you should have told her your gay along time ago” she kissed me once more then exited the house.

I tried to talk to Mel but she told me I was gross and that its wrong and just left the house.
I called Kara a few hours later and she said we needed to talk so I told her to meet me at the pump at seven.
I headed over in tight black leather skirt and knee high botts with a cute matching top and met her at a booth with a kiss.
“Ariel, Sweetie…I met this guy the other night and he just asked me out.. I really like him and he really likes me.. and I said yes to him”
I sat there in shock just looking at her.
“Ariel.. I have to go.. I told him I’d be at his house in ten minutes” she kissed my forehead “I’ll call you later..”

She dumped me…and for a guy….the pig headed human species!!! Oh god that’s a depressing thought.
I watched her as she left then sighed and laid my forehead on the table as I sat there alone, I was left for a guy…this day really sucks.

((open for Leilia ))

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Arrival [07 Feb 2004|09:42pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Sebastian stepped out of a dark limousine as it finally pulled to a stop, his cool blue eyes resembled ice in the chilly night air and his coat wrapped around him like a second skin. His lips curled into a slow smirk as he ran his eyes over the various people on the streets and the elaborate Hotel that awaited his arrival, his skin glinted in the moonlight as he allowed his eyes to close for a moment. His nose picking on the scents that hung to the city, the smell of blood and fear...hmm yes fear, that was probably the best smell of all.

Opening his eyes, he turned his head and instructed his chaffeur to take the bags into the hotel, he took one last look around him before he entered into the Hotel and was instantly met by the manager of the Hotel, who fawned all over him and seem very excited about him staying in his hotel. Sebastian simply smiled and allowed the man to fawn as much as he wanted, little did he know who he was and how he planned to have his fun for the night.

As he finally entered his room, he laughed lightly..the ignorance of those around him always amused him but he was craving his own kind's company. He had lived for over 500 years and he had spent most of that time alone, preferring his own company to that of fools but perhaps it was time, to seek out his own kind. He slid his coat off, tossing it aside before he undid his shirt. Sliding it off to reveal strong taunt shoulder and arm muscles, as the shirt fell it revealed a black and white tattoo of a phoenix, something he had got to commerate his change. Sighing softly, he flicked on the light for the bathroom and indulged himself in a hot shower.

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[06 Feb 2004|11:45pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Damian and Devlin forced me into a strip club the other night, under the disguise of drunken rowdiness. I missed the old days with my boys, always fighting over me even though gods know they wouldn't dare think touch me now.

Sometimes the demon bothers me, more often than not it just makes me feel all tingly. Like a really good shag.

So, they met this girl that they're both positivly drooling over. Only Damian just needs to get laid. Devlin really wants her, I can tell even though he hasn't said anything about it. He's trying to play the strong silent type now, I can tell. But it won't work for a second with me.

Trust me, there's no need to fear. Everyone's here, waiting for you to finally be one of us. Come down, you'll be full of fear but you'll be safe here. When you finally trust me, finally believe in me... I will let you down.

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Working [03 Feb 2004|01:22am]

[ mood | busy ]

Caitlin raced into work, dammit..she was late and being late wasn't good. Her boss scowled at her in the way that he did but she managed to flash him a smile and a bat of her eyelashes and he smiled. Narrowing avoiding the other girls, she ran into the changing rooms and proceeded to wiggle her way out of her normal run of the mill clothes, and then dived around scrambling for the various parts to her outfit which granted wasn't much but still she had to wear it. Bending over, she applied some lipstick and make up to her face before she finished getting into her outfit.

" CJ, you're on in two!" A deep voice shouted.

Caitlin growled lightly before finally she ran a hand through her hair and ruffled it, trying to give herself a more sexy sultry look but it would seem perhaps sexy and sultry didn't go together with her but what the hell she had a show to do! She walked out onto the small stage, confidence in every step as her outfit glittered and shimmered under the stagelights, her eyes darkened and she had a very seductive smile on her lips. Her body wiggled in time to the music and slowly she began to dance, the black rose tattoo around her bellybutton moved with her waist as her entire body moved as one almost like a snake.

The music sped up and with it so did she, she soon had the entire audience glued to her and she would occasionally flirt with the audience as she danced. Tonight would be a good night, she could see it in the audience's eyes.

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